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Daily Free Raffle

Ready to win some free Fortnite Save the World Items? Follow these easy steps to enter our daily raffle. New prizes every day!

Today's prize:

MODDED PL133 Siegebreaker

Step 1

Place an order

To get started, place an order in our Fortnite Items shop. You will automatically be entered into today's raffle.

Step 2

Get raffle tickets

For every $1 you spent, you will get 1 raffle ticket. If you made multiple orders, you will get raffle tickets for all of them.

Step 3

Check if you won

At the end of the day, the winner will be drawn randomly. If you won, you will receive an email with the details to pick up your prize. You can also check by entering your email below.

A new raffle starts daily. Enter every day for more chances to win!

List of winners:
YESTERDAY Hydro_****** won:

MODDED PL133 Siegebreaker

Tuesday N1TR**** won:

MODDED PL133 Siegebreaker

Monday NRG **** won:

MODDED PL133 Siegebreaker

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