Mythic Storm King Guide

Mythic Storm King Guide

Epic Games recently added a new challenge to Fortnite: Save the World – the Mythic Storm King. Mythic Storm King drops amazing loot but many players have had issues taking him down. Want to get Fortnite Mythic weapons – the best items in the game? Follow this guide to take out the Mythic Storm King with ease!

Getting to the Mythic Storm King

Like with most content in Fortnite: Save the World, access to the Mythic Storm King is limited. In order to unlock access to this boss players have to:

  • Clear out Twine Peaks. Mythic Storm King is at the end of the zone.
  • Be PL122 (PL131 recommended).
  • Acquire end-game gear
  • Assemble a party of 4.

All these requirements are the absolute minimum to have a chance to get to the Mythic Storm King. Be careful as this boss is incredibly difficult and most players fail many attempts. Make sure to prepare loadouts properly. All the effort will be worth it as the Mythic Storm King is the only way to get the new Mythic weapons.

Gearing Up to Take Out Mythic Storm King

The Mythic Storm King is a little different from most other encounters in Fortnite: Save the World. The Storm King has no element, therefore running Physical Damage weapons is the most effective. Two very effective weapons against this boss are the Spyglass (for any class) and Surround Pound. Use Physical element for both, Critical Damage on the Spyglass and any other damage modifiers for Surround Pound. Finally, having a De-atomizer for the Mythic Storm King fight is crucial. At least one of the 4 people should have a De-atomizer in his loadout with Critical Rate, Critical Damage and additional damage to bosses.

Any team should have at least one Lynx Kassandra hero with the weapons outlined above. Every part of her skillset is amazing against the Mythic Storm King. Lynx Kassandra will be able to get Criticals frequently, sustain herself throughout the fight and clear out the mini-boss. She is one of the best heroes against the Mythic Storm King for any player as she is the jack-of-all-trades and is able to do everything well.

Brainiac Jonesy is another very important hero against the Mythic Storm King. An optimal strategy against this boss is to include Brainiac Jonesy with a focus on Warcries. The main objective of the Jonesy player is to keep buffing others and stay alive. Make sure to communicate with your teammates whenever Warcries are available.

Finally, a good option is to include Main Stage Quinn with a heavy focus on sniping down enemies. Heavily invest into dealing damage to Husks and the Storm King and leave the rest to the team.

Tips and Tricks During the Storm King Fight

The Mythic Storm King fight is a little different from other Fortnite: Save the World encounters. Learning to build vertical structures quickly is the key to taking down the boss. A simple strategy to protect yourself against the annoying Husks is to build a small structure that abuses their AI. Here’s a simple strategy to avoid their damage:

  • Build an Arch in front of your character.
  • Build another Arch at a 90 degree angle to the first one.
  • Drop a Pyramid in-between the two Archs.
  • Build a roof.
  • Husks will be only able to destroy the Pyramid and one of the Archs but not the roof allowing players to snipe them down quickly and without taking any damage.Learning to build this structure quickly will basically remove one of the mechanics from the encounter.

An optimal party would include 2 Lynx Kassandra’s, a Brainiac Jonesy and a Main Stage Quinn:

  • Lynx Kassandras should focus on taking out the miniboss, Husks. Revive allies whenever needed. Deal damage to Mythic Storm King when possible.
  • Main Stage Quinn focuses on dealing damage to the Mythic Storm King and help with the minibosses.
  • Brainiac Jonesy should focus mainly on staying alive and buffing allies with Warcries when suitable.

Mythic Storm King Drops

Drops, of course, are the most important part of the boss encounter and of Fortnite: Save the World in general. As noted previously, the Mythic Storm King drops new Fortnite Mythic Weapons. These weapons are basically the best Mythic guns in the game.You can get these Mythic weapons from the boss:

  • Storm King’s Scourge – Assault Rifle
  • Storm King’s Onslaught – Pistol
  • Storm King’s Wrath – Explosive Weapon
  • Storm King’s Ravager – Sword
  • Storm King’s Fury – Hardware

Acquiring these weapons from the Mythic Storm King will not be easy but these Mythic weapons and guns will be the best Fortnite: Save the World has to offer. There is no way to obtain these weapons except by defeating the Mythic Storm King. If you follow this guide, the boss will quickly become a cakewalk and all these amazing mythic Fortnite weapons will be yours.