Fortnite Save the World Materials Guide

Fortnite Save the World Materials Guide

Fortnite Save the World has a lot of customization and progression through crafting and upgrading items. Two different categories of crafting resources are used in Fortnite Save the World – materials and crafting ingredients. There are three types of materials – Wood, Stone and Metal. Each of these are used for building and need to be acquired in very large amounts in order to have safety net during missions. Fortnite Save the World Materials are fairly straightforward but higher-level players will have to farm them for hours as building is required in almost every mission in the later stages of the game. Luckily, fortnite materials are easily accessible through trading and buying them online in bulk allowing players to skip the most boring part of the game.

Fortnite Save the World Building Materials

Farming Fortnite Save the World building materials is quite simple. Wood is acquired mostly by hitting trees or wooden structures with the Pickaxe. Players usually prefer the Forest biome to farm wood as it is the most straightforward and allows for faster acquisition. Stone is a bit harder to acquire for lower-level players but is still as important. This Fortnite Save the World material can be obtained in rural biomes by breaking down buildings but most players farm it in the Canny Valley as there are great biomes to farm Stone there. For lower-level players buying Stone is a much simpler solution than grinding out solo missions. Metal is the third and final Fortnite Save the World material and it builds the strongest buildings. Unfortunately, Metal is quite scarce as it can only be acquired through machinery or mine areas.

Having lots of all three (Wood, Stone, Metal) materials becomes much more important later in the game as elemental damage becomes a lot more relevant. Wood is weak to fire, Stone to water and Metal is weak to nature damages respectively. Being prepared before the mission begins is incredibly important as monsters can easily tear down buildings with their element.

Fortnite Save the World Crafting Ingredients

Fortnite Save the World Crafting ingredients are much more complex than building materials. There are several different types and tiers for most ingredients and all of them are used to craft or upgrade weapons and other items. There are 3 broad categories for ingredients:

  • Basic – basic Fortnite Save the World materials are available globally and drop throughout the entire game.
  • Limited availability – these crafting ingredients are separated by tiers and only dropped in specific location. Tier 1-5 are dropped in Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks. Twine Peaks drop both Tier 4 and Tier 5 crafting ingredients based on the mission level requirements.
  • Refined Ingredients – these can only be crafted through schematics and sometimes acquired through chests.

Farming lots of crafting ingredients become mandatory as the game progresses. At the start, upgrading and crafting weapons is extremely cheap and can be done after a few runs. Later on, the upgrade requirements start increasing exponentially requiring hours of time spent grinding and farming solo missions just to get an additional power level on a weapon. Buying Fortnite Save the World materials and crafting ingredients can save a lot of time and make the game more fun in the long run.

Limited availability crafting ingredients are split into several different types and tiers:

Mechanical Parts

Mostly used in crafting and upgrading assault rifles, sniper rifles, explosive weapons and various traps. Machinery and cars are the best objects to farm Mechanical Parts. Tiers:

  • Rusty Mechanical Parts (Stonewood)
  • Simple Mechanical Parts (Late Stonewood and Plankerton)
  • Sturdy Mechanical Parts (Late Plankerton and Canny Valley)
  • Sleek Mechanical Parts (Late Canny Valley and Twine Peaks)
  • Efficient Mechanical Parts (Twine Peaks).

Mineral Powder

Very wide variety in use. Used in crafting shotguns, swords, axes, scythes, wall dynamos, launchers, traps and pads. Rocks and any stones have a high chance of dropping Mineral Powder. Tiers:

  • Rough Mineral Powder (Stonewood)
  • Simple Mineral Powder (Late Stonewood and Plankerton)
  • Fine-grain Mineral Powder (Late Plankerton and Canny Valley)
  • Char-black Mineral Powder (Late Canny Valley and Twine Peaks)
  • Oxidized Mineral Powder (Twine Peaks)


The base material for all crafting. Crystals found in Twine Peaks are considered ore alternatives. Any rock or cave-like object is the best to farm Ore. Tiers:

  • Copper Ore (Stonewood)
  • Silver Ore (Late Stonewood and Plankerton)
  • Malachite Ore (Late Plankerton and Canny Valley)
  • Obsidian Ore (Late Canny Valley and Twine Peaks)
  • Brightcore Ore (Twine Peaks)
  • Sunbeam/Shadowshard Crystal (Late Twine Peaks)


Mostly used for traps, melee weapons and some pistols. Trees are the best objects to farm Twine. Tiers:

  • Stringy Twine (Stonewood)
  • Simple Twine (Late Stonewood and Plankerton)
  • Sturdy Twine (Late Plankerton and Canny Valley)
  • Peaky Twine (Late Canny Valley and Twine Peaks)
  • Carved Twine (Twine Peaks).

Basic ingredients

Basic ingredients are not locked to a specific location and can be farmed in any location. Due to the high availability, lots of grinding is required to get decent amounts of basic ingredients. Buying Fortnite Save the World materials is often the faster and more reasonable option unless doing solo missions for tens of hours sounds like fun. All of the basic ingredients can be found in specific objects on any Fortnite Save the World map:

  • Nuts and Bolts – anything mechanical will drop decent amounts of Nuts and Bolts. Cars and parking meters are the best bet. Make sure to have tons of these ingredients as they are used to craft ammo.
  • Planks – lots of uses in the game for this Fortnite Save the World material. Hitting trees is easily the best way to farm Planks.
  • Rough Ore – can be used to create Blast Powder and is used in crafting some weapons. Any stone or rock will generally drop plenty of Rough Ore.
  • Flowers – only used for healing pads. Flowers in the Suburb biome are the best bet to get a full stack of flowers.
  • Fibrous herbs – mostly used by ceiling gas traps. As these items are very useful, stocking up on tons of Fibrous herbs is a necessity. Hitting anything organic can be an option but due to the high demand buying stacks of Fibrous herbs online is often the best option.
  • Coal – used to craft Blast Powder. Fireplaces and mines are the best option to get some coal.
  • Adhesive Resin – used to craft duct tape. Trees and shrubs are a great way to farm up on this Fortnite Save the World material.
  • Bacon – lots of widely used items are crafted with Bacon. Spam cans, refrigerators and other containers will yield some Bacon.
  • Rotating Gizmo – required for all melee weapons and most rifles up to Epic rarity. No reliable source for these exists as they can only drop from garden gnomes, chests and toolboxes.
  • Active Powercell – required for all melee weapons and most rifles for Epic and above rarity. No reliable source exists.
  • Quartz Crystal – used rarely, primarily when crafting Energy weapons. Can be found in abundance in caves on specific ore nodes (white crystal spikes should be protruding from the ore).

Rotating Gizmos and Active Powercells can be hard to find in Fortnite Save the World. Buying them from a store online is often the easier option as the inherent randomness in finding these materials can be irritating.

Refined Ingredients

There are two more Fortnite Save the World materials which we have not described detail. These are the Refined Ingredients – Duct Tape and Blast Powder. These Fortnite Save the World crafting ingredients are mostly acquired through schematics. There’s not much to write home about these as they are used in some schematics and it is much easier to create them from abundant materials than try to farm them from chests.

Tier 6 Materials

Finally, Limited availability Fortnite Save the World materials have a 6th tier but these materials cannot currently be obtained in-game. Epic Games plan to use them for future content updates for even more weapon and equipment upgrades.  These unavailable materials include Rainbow Crystal, Moonglow Crystal, Vindertech Mechanical Parts, Spectral Mineral Powder, Spectrolite Ore and Spectral Twine. Currently the only way to get 6th tier Fortnite Save the World crafting ingredients is to buy them online. Stocking up on these materials is a great investment for the future as being able to upgrade Fortnite Save the World weapons and equipment will allow quick progress through the game once new content is released.