Fortnite Save the World Map Location Guide

Fortnite Save the World Map Location Guide

The Fortnite Save the World map has 4 unique locations to explore – Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks. All these locations drop different crafting ingredients which can be used to upgrade many types of weapons and other gear.


Stonewood is the first location that is accessible to players. Missions and enemies can be challenging in Stonewood at the start due to the lack of available weapons. Most of the early challenges can be quite easily overcome without delving deeper into crafting or buying weapons from other sources as Stonewood in Fortnite Save the World is intended as a tutorial location. All crafting ingredients dropped in this Fortnite StW map are used to craft Tier 1 items. Most players should not worry too much about using Tier 1 weapons and items as they are quickly changed for better items.

Stonewood in Fortnite Save the World has no requirements to enter. Most of the quests in this Fortnite StW map are quite simple and grant a lot of starting weapons, schematics and XP. Getting stuck in Stonewood is nearly impossible as it does not require a lot of knowledge about the game, mixing equipment or building skill.

Stonewood also grants easy access to lots of Wood for building. The Forest biome has lots of trees close to each other allowing for quick farming and collecting for the future. Remember to always stock up on Fortnite Save the World materials before progressing through the game as building becomes significantly more important later on.


Plankerton becomes available once the “Van or Astro-Van?” quest in Stonewood is completed. Plankerton has slightly more quests than the previous Fortnite Save the World location. Quest rewards become less generous as most of the Plankerton storyline missions grant either XP or schematics only. Players will need to start farming crafting ingredients in large amounts to upgrade their gear before advancing to the next area. Another option to breeze through the quests in Plankerton is to buy the best Fortnite Save the World weapons online. Buying weapons removes the need to grind for items, materials and crafting ingredients making the game much more enjoyable. Power level 106 weapons are extremely cheap online and can easily carry the game all the way until Twine Peaks.

It is recommended to start farming Metal for future areas as Stonewood and Plankerton are still quite easy to get through with the right gear and have the best biome for this Fortnite Save the World material – The City. Machinery and mines are easy to find, quick to gather object that grant decent amounts of Metal. While Metal is not as useful in the early Fortnite Save the World locations, it becomes critical to success once building stronger structures is required.

Canny Valley

Canny Valley is the Fortnite Save the World location where things get serious. This area has a high level requirement and has a ton of quests required to progress. Players can often get stuck for a fairly long time in Canny Valley and without trading for the best Fortnite Save the World weapons the game will get grindy and can become somewhat boring. Buying better gear for this Fortnite Save the World map is easily the way to go if doing the same missions over and over and farming crafting ingredients doesn’t sound like fun. Higher power ratings for missions can also block newer players from continuing their progress in Canny Valley.

Canny Valley becomes available after completing the “Plank Off!” quest in Plankerton. Canny Valley is the Fortnite Save the World map where everything becomes significantly more difficult and the area is unlocked in stages. Two quests (Storm Shield Defense and Launch the Rocket) are required to unlock progression through the Canny Valley. Most of the rewards granted in this Fortnite StW location are schematics and will require tons of crafting ingredients to make use of them. Luckily, Canny Valley is one of the better maps to farm for Fortnite Save the World materials and crafting ingredients. Side Quests are available in Canny Valley and should be utilized to get more rewards as the main storyline might not grant enough to progress through the game. Buying or upgrading weapons to Power level 130 in late Canny Valley is often the best decision as mission difficulty increases quickly and without enough PL progression can become nearly impossible.

Canny Valley has another benefit – easy access to lots of Stone. Stone is an important Fortnite Save the World material and the Desert biome in the Canny Valley makes acquisition a lot easier. Desert is a lot like The Forest with lots of Stones close to each other and the ability to farm them quickly.

Twine Peaks

Twine Peaks is the final Fortnite Save the World location and the most difficult. This area is only unlocked after completing the “Time to Blast Off!” mission in the Canny Valley questline. Maximizing on equipment and materials is critical to the success of Twine Peaks, especially in the later stages of the location. Twine Peaks are split into two different areas based on level requirements. Higher level requirements Twine Peaks drop better crafting ingredients required to create the best Fortnite Save the World weapons. Most players opt to trade or buy better weapons to progress through this area as without PL130 guns requires dozens of hours of grinding for materials and crafting ingredients.

Twine Peaks are an exception as this Fortnite Save the World location has two separate loot tables for lower and higher-level missions and is the only area where Crystals can be found. Crystals are required to create the best weapons in Fortnite Save the World. Shadowshard Crystals are found in the lower level missions in Twine Peaks while Sunbeam Crystals are only found in the highest level missions.