Fortnite Save the World Weapons Guide

Fortnite Save the World Weapons Guide

Fortnite: Save the World has a complex system of crafting, weapons and progressive gameplay. Knowing the ins and outs of Fortnite: StW can be a daunting task and confusing for newcomers. Throughout our weapon guide we will explain the best and easiest ways to obtain the strongest (Power Level 130) items.

There are several important factors to take into account when analyzing Fortnite Save the World guns and weapons. Rarity and power level are the simplest indicators of weapon strength. Rarity is divided into Handmade, Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Rarity is directly tied to weapon strength through rolls and perks – higher rarity weapons allow for more perks with better rolls. Power level is gained by upgrading weapons and it increases the stats of the weapon. Power Level 130 Weapons are the best in the game and are highly valued by every player. Getting a PL130 weapon is incredibly time consuming but to get one quickly, check out our offers!

Finding the best weapons in Fortnite Save the World requires knowing which perks, rolls, elements and other factors come into play to synergize with each other. Rolls are easy to understand and remember. They can be divided into 3 categories: great rolls, player-dependent rolls and poor rolls. A god roll on a Power Level 130 weapon can make the game a cakewalk and grant a lot of bragging rights.

Fortnite Save the World Best Weapon Rolls

Great rolls:

  • Elemental – any elemental roll is great in the later stages of Fortnite: Save the World. When elemental husks start becoming more common these rolls are important to continue doing maximum damage. Additionally, they can inflict damage over time to enemies allowing for even more DPS.
  • Damage – self-explanatory. Any weapon that does more damage than usual is worth keeping.
  • Critical Chance – having great rolls on Critical Chance will greatly increase the overall DPS. Generally, Crit Chance is more valuable than Critical Damage due to frequency being more important than a few large hits.
  • Critical Damage – these rolls enjoy a combination of Damage and Chance to make it more consistent but even without these specific rolls, Critical Damage is a decent roll on any weapon.

Player-dependent rolls:

  • Headshot Damage – any player that has consistent aiming and can hit a lot of headshots will love this roll. Great use of increased headshot damage requires having good aim, therefore this roll is not as godly to some players as it is to others.
  • Magazine Size – a great generic increase to overall DPS. Increased magazine size is a nice quality of life roll on any weapon.
  • Fire Rate – for some weapons increased fire rate can be a great roll as it greatly increases the overall damage per second. There is a slight negative side as ammo conservation can become an issue and a faster fire rate can reduce overall accuracy.
  • Reload Speed – a very specific roll as only a few ranged weapons can benefit from it. It is a great roll on shotguns and LMGs. A great combination of rolls with reload speed in Fortnite Save the World creates the best shotgun.

Poor rolls:

  • Durability Decay – reduced decay is only useful to some explosive weapons. For most others it just reduces the time for a weapon to break but does nothing for overall DPS.
  • Reduced Recoil – for most weapons the recoil isn’t terrible and can be offset by good aim.
  • Damage to Snared or Slowed – requires a strong team composition and team work. Some weapons have a level 25 perk that can make use of these rolls but most of the time increased damage to disabled enemies will be just a worse damage roll.
  • Damage to Stunned, Staggered or Knocked Down – the same as above.


Fortnite Save the World Best Rolls for Weapon Types

In order to acquire a godly Power Level 130 weapon getting all the best perks on it is almost mandatory. All Fortnite best weapons in Save the World are PL130. Getting at least one line of elemental is also critical to the success of the weapon – every weapon type needs elemental damage. All other rolls are highly dependent on the types of Fortnite Save the World weapons.

God rolls for weapon types:
Fortnite Save the World best Assault rifles – 2x Damage, 1x Headshot, 1x Magazine
Fortnite Save the World best Pistols – 2x Damage, 1x Headshot, 1x Magazine or with Ranger Deadeye, x2 Critical Chance and x2 Critical Damage
Fortnite Save the World best Sniper rifles – 2x Damage, 1x Headshot, 1x Magazine
Fortnite Save the World best Shotguns – x1 Damage, x1 Headshot, x2 Magazine

These are all basic calculations to grant the most Damage per second in a vacuum. We are not taking into account any support, missed shots or any other stat boosts. If we take headshots out of the equation, x2 Damage, x1 Magazine and x1 Fire rate will be the best rolls for most weapons. These rolls and PL130 will create the best guns in Fortnite Save the World.
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Fortnite Save the World Modded Weapons

Some of the best weapons in Fortnite Save the World are modded. These are items that appear accidentally with different rolls than usual. For example, Grave Digger schematics might spawn with double elements. Some modded weapons are more common like a double-element Grave Digger while some are extremely rare and crafted by one person in the entire game. Great examples of extremely rare modded weapons are Jack O’ Launchers with water or energy elements or a fire element Snowball Launcher. The most sought after modded Fortnite Save the World weapons have different glows and look entirely different from their regular counterparts. For example, the Water element Jack O’ Launcher glows in a unique way which is unavailable on any other version of the weapon. Modded weapons with PL130 are the Fortnite Save the World best guns. You can find the best modded Fortnite Save the World weapons in our modded weapon section!